Today, we’re gonna find out why my truck won’t start. We know there’s something power related going on……

When I turn the ignition on, we get the interior lights the radio comes on overhead and tear lights are on.

We are getting power but as I try to engage the starter then I can’t start.

The starter tries to engage and turn the motor, but it seems like lack of power coming from the battery to the starter to turn the engine. So we’re gonna start their service battery charging system.

So the first thing you want to check is the actual terminals to make sure two things are going on. The first thing is that they are tight and snug as well as the condition of the terminals.

So taking a look at the terminals, we have our positive side and our negative side. Typically you would want to pull the negative side off before messing with the positive side.

Because you can be messing with the positive side hit part of your know fender some bare metal.

It can generate electronic sparks and give you a little shock maybe even kill you, maybe not but always start with your negative side.

Pull that off first and then pull off your positive side.

There is a whole lot of crap that is still out now. What that actually does, a lot of the time is decreased the amount of voltage to actually gets to your starter.

Our first step is to clean all that crap off and then we’ll hook it back up if we can get the truck to start…

Let’s see if it starts…

Ignition is on. Not all cars have this but there is my battery volt meter’s, it’s still extremely low, just above 9 volts.

So I’m not really optimistic but let’s try if it starts…

In this case the truck doesn’t start…

So as the truck dashboard Rub you barely over 9 volts, it isn’t always 100% accurate coming from the dash, but it shows the battery’s extremely low.

So the next step would be to figure out how much voltage the battery is actually holding? So that means we get to go pick up a new toy.

What we’re going to need is a multimeter, it’s a real cheap simple tool that reads the volts or amperage of an electrical charge.

When we have a simple multimeter tool, hat you want to do is set it up to DC V or DC volts somewhere around 15 volts. This one we have the option of 20, so we’re set to 20 volts.

You take the positive side and negative side and touch them to the terminals of the battery. Again battery should be reading somewhere around 12.6 volts.

It’s been sitting for a few days so it might be a little bit lower, but again should be around 12.6 volts. So we have the positive side we have a negative side.

Its reading 10.4 volts which is extremely low. It was showing just above 9 volts… so 10.4.

So now that I know battery’s low…

Next step would be to jump start the truck get it running that way. I can tell how much voltage is coming from my alternator back to the battery.

As the engine runs, the alternator should be recharging the battery.
So the question is that – Is my alternator bad or is my battery bad?

Because we going to replace the battery and turn the alternator was bad.

You’re gonna drain your battery, most likely ruin a brand new battery and then you’re out a hundred or so dollars.

So again the question is always is that – This or that??

Is it the alternator or the battery?

So just to make sure, I’m gonna be replacing the correct part.

I’m gonna jumpstart the truck, let it run and check what kind of voltage I’m getting out of the alternator back to the battery.

I’m actually gonna park the car in this would be a first for me back the car and jump from the truck to the truck. If we can get it started now

As soon as the engine starts, we are gonna check the number. Hopefully increase substantially.

Now normally running, your battery should be reading around 14 volts.

Anywhere between 12.6 and 13, you’re not really recharging your battery.

Around the 14 range is where you want to be. 14 to 14.7 is normal operating. Above 14.7, you’re actually doing damage to your battery by overcharging it.

The cell as soon as the engine starts, we should check the number come up hopefully it does that way. I don’t have to replace the alternator and just need to replace the battery.


We got the thing hooked up right now, finally on the Mercedes should start right up and there it is.

That trucks finally started you can probably hardly hear me, but what to do now??

Once the truck is running go ahead and turn all of your accessories on. That you do have turn your fan on, turn on your radio, turn the overhead lights.

Make sure headlights are on we’re gonna check the charge coming from the alternator.

We’ll notice what it reads 14.3 volts while running and again that is absolutely perfect and where we want to be while the truck is running.

Back to the battery it should read between 14 and 14.7, so let’s go ahead and hook up this multimeter to the negative and positive side of the battery.

So we now know the problem is the battery.

Unfortunately it looks like either the battery has just gotten bad, won’t hold the charge.

I’m going to turn this off so the battery is getting weaker and weaker as time went on.

I could tell… starting it up every time you started the start of a turn over a little bit slower. Unfortunately this last time it was down to a point of not being able… long story short the battery’s bad.

Let’s run to the auto parts store grab another battery, slap that in there and when we should be good to go.

Our batteries should have a 12.6 volt charge, so again just came back from the auto parts store and we are at 12.5, 12.5, 12.7…..

So call it 12.6… awesome….

So quick update… the batteries in, but I’m not done it turns out. I don’t even know this the bracket, that’s supposed to hold this battery secured to the truck is non-existent.

I pulled that old battery out ,unhooked him, lifted it out of there. So what we’re doing right now, is building a simple bracket to mount that battery in the truck.

So if there’s any you know sudden terms jarring, emergency braking situations, the battery’s not gonna go flying. So far we’re building a little bracket to secure that in place, so there we have it. The battery is installed that bracket.

Fabricated works just perfect to keep the battery in place.

We are just back from our test drive and everything works perfectly and that bracket.

I was talking about the how to fabricate it’s right down below the red wire holds the battery in real nice and is exactly what we needed the alternator.

We tested works perfect which is nice to know and it was in fact a bad battery.

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