Today we are going to Wyatt test some smaller boost cabs, which are 350 farad 2.5 volt boost caps.

We can get these at digit key, currently for $11 a capacitor.

I’ve seen on eBay for $8 a capacitor, so these are easy to come by right now.

I`m gonna wire this with battery and check if this is little loose pack can start the car up because it’s so small.

Anyway, we will wire it up and do some testing and see if that works.

So I connected up the small boost pack to test.

I’ve just connected it directly to the battery terminals. I’ve got the larger boost cap that I know works really well with cars underneath it.

I am gonna test this little pack, these cells are the same size as a d-cell battery. So if this starts up my car and that’s gonna be really impressive.

So get the keys and we will just check, if we can even get the car to turn over with that little pack.

All right…

So it’s reading is 14.2 volts and it started the car with no problem.

So that is something surprised that easily started car.

I try that again and that is impressive to me.

I can’t say that I can recommend at this point, but I`m going to start testing that.

I’m so impressed with this little boost packs ability to start the car without any hesitation. I’m gonna go ahead and take the larger battery out and do some testing on this.

I am just really intrigued you know that little boost pack just starts at my car without any hesitation at all.

When I may find it’ll be necessary this would be a put a lithium iron phosphate battery in the back of this. That might really make a high-bred loose pack.

Anyway let me start this car up one more time and it again starts my car with no hesitation.

So I have just go to show the progression that`s going on.

So here`s my traditional car battery and we are checking its weight. Its weight is at 30 pounds.

So I was almost roped, when I went to this pack and brought that down to I don’t know 7- 8 pounds. I’ve been using this over the winter and I went and rebuilt it then using this great success.

When we check the weight of small pack, this doesn’t even bump the scale of weight machine. This little thing(boost pack) starts my car right up no hesitation.

So I don’t know what that’s even coming in at, I don’t know if half a pound or something.

But this I’m excited about this, talking about some weight savings, talk about a progression in my experimentation in this technology you can mount this up with a solar panel.

So one other thing to point is this: One these are 2600 ferret caps are connected seriously to 2600 ferret on this pack.

This pack we at 350 farad, so this is a much smaller pack.

It’s not like you’re going to be leaving the radio on for half an hour, or leaving this pack. Not running your car for two or three days, most likely with this little pack.

Because if you turn your car for two or three days, these capacitors may leak down and voltage and up they’ll start the car.

I’m gonna start testing that is the only way to find this stuff out really. In my experience, i will just hook it up, and test it so that’s what we’re gonna be doing here.

Check this big space here where I used to have the big traditional battery and Connect the first boost pack that I built I now got the mini Blues pack.

I’m gonna be testing this out here and I’ll get back with you and all the results but it sure looks promising.

I’ve wired it up and start the car and this pack just starts the car right up.

This little pack is gonna be in and I’m gonna be testing it on my daily commuter car.

I’ve just gone from amazement that it could even start my car – now amazement that it may be a functional battery with replacement.

You know worst-case scenario I make it a hybrid I put a small battery back here in the back. I’ll test this for a while just as is but if need be I’ll go to that.

That`s where we’re at in the boost pack, can’t wait to pull into a car service place and have the mechanics take a look at this.

That will be really interesting.

So this is be Spock 2.0, it’s made out of cutting board material and so would had I known that first dog works so well.

I would have made it out of something more permanent, but I considered that first version just a test unit to test. After it works so well, I built up this one for a more permanent solution.

So one thing I added is a little cigarette lighter volt meter and that’s really helpful, because I can check the voltage here at 13.4.

Cigarette Lighter Volt Meter

So after lights it over the weekend, we’ll come back to take a check and see what the voltage is that ought to be a pretty good test.

So day 1 of testing the car sitting not running last night, it was at 13.6 and we’re gonna test the voltage. Now we’re at 13.

I parked the car Friday evening. So at  Sunday morning time to do a quick battery voltage test.

So we are at 11.7 volts, so still plenty of voltage to start this car right up.

I’m going to leave it for another day and Monday morning I get ready start my commute, I will test the voltage again.

So at Monday morning we’ll do that final test here, so the car set over Friday or Friday night, Sunday night.

Let’s just check what the voltage is?

So the voltage is 10.4, 2.4 volts after it’s any other weekend, I try to start car right up and no issue whatsoever.

So you let the car set for a weekend at least in my case no problem.

So it’s radio on because a lot of people have asked, if you leave your radio on, how quickly is this capacitor (this pack that you have made) is going to discharge?

So a lot of people wondering enough this is going to discharge right away if you’re running the radio. So I’ll turn it up to normal volume.

I’ll leave this running, I’ll come back later and check.

it is 6:30, now we’ll check out of this, so it’s been just over half an hour. We’re down to 10 volts, so run the radio for half an hour get down to 10 volts.

Now let’s try starting it. It starts right up, so you could run the radio for about half an hour.

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